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C&C Entertainment Firm is a full service entertainment firm known globally, providing over 250+ services for independent and established musicians, dancers, singers, emcees and actors. The company has composed and developed a vast catalog of talented individuals from around the world, who have established a suitable and attainable career as entertainers.

We re here 24 hours most times. However, if we are down, search for Rich Radio BKNY on or download the AOR Radio App for Droid devices.Or Shout Cast

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Paper Boy Clothing is being launch by two industry veterans, Terrell Randolph and Deandre Wynn, who both have participated in successful entrepreneur ventures over the past few years. The Paper Boy Brand is a newly established line inspired by currency (on the streets it is referred to as paper). The idea behind that concept is the fact that people like to look good while wearing clothes as it gives them a sense of self worth. Therefore, most of our shirts will have themes that display messages such as Success, Riches, Millions, Fortune, Wealth, etc… These messages are something our target audience can relate to because as people we strive for success and everyone wants the best that life can provide. Our goal at Paper Boy is to not just highlight money but also to provide a positive message for our customers – their ability to succeed. Even though you may not have all the money you want as of yet, it is possible to reach that level with hard work and dedication. The main point is strive for success, have no fear of reaching success.

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